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This is a property of type Text.

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StewartDuncan ExpressionOfIdeas Is Unclear +unclear


HeinrichCKuhn SensusAgens Is PhilosophicalTopic +philosophical topic


JohnDoe Matter Is Extended +extended
JohnDoe ReneDescartes WorkedAs Spy +Spy


PaulRichardBlum ContemplativeIntention Purges Soul +soul
PaulRichardBlum DisciplinaMoralis Purges Soul +soul
PaulRichardBlum EssenceOfMind IsSameAs Idea +idea
PaulRichardBlum Idea Is Perpetual +perpetual
PaulRichardBlum Imagination Causes Mind ThinksAbout CorporealThing +
PaulRichardBlum IncorporealReason IsConnectedTo IncorporealIdea +incorporeal idea
PaulRichardBlum Man AbstractsFrom Sense +sense
PaulRichardBlum Man Compares Ideas +ideas
PaulRichardBlum Man Knows Idea +idea
PaulRichardBlum Man Knows Man Compares Ideas +
PaulRichardBlum Man Knows UnlearnedTruth +unlearned truth
PaulRichardBlum MansEssence IsMadeOf Idea +idea
PaulRichardBlum Mind Creates Particular IsRelatedTo Idea +http://...Particular_IsRelatedTo_Idea
PaulRichardBlum Mind Is Perpetual +perpetual
PaulRichardBlum Mind Judges Particular AgreesWith RuleFromIdea +
PaulRichardBlum Mind Knows EssenceOfMind IsSameAs Idea +http://...EssenceOfMind_IsSameAs_Idea
PaulRichardBlum Mind ThinksAbout CorporealThing +corporeal thing
PaulRichardBlum Mind ThinksAbout IncorporealThing +incorporeal thing
PaulRichardBlum Particular AgreesWith RuleFromIdea +rule from idea
PaulRichardBlum Particular IsRelatedTo Idea +idea
PaulRichardBlum PurgationOfSoul Is PhilosophicalTopic +philosophical topic
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